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Connecting with Filipinos


     Approximately 105 million Filipinos living in the Philippines and 10 million based overseas take part in the day-to-day worldwide transactions and interactions. They are consumers of products created by China and Japan. They are teachers, nurses, engineers, seafarers and caregivers who provide services in Canada, Saudi Arabia and Singapore. They form a considerable percentage of the Asian electorate and contribute to societal change in the United States. 

     In the dynamics of these transactions and interactions, I gladly offer you my services as this vibrant domain involves and requires expressing from one language into Tagalog, expertise in the field and deep understanding of cultures. You are most welcome to navigate through the pages of my website to find out what we can collaborate on and understand why I am your partner who will help meet your goals and serve as your bridge to the Filipinos worldwide.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you and I look forward to working with you.


"Angel is one of our main Tagalog translators and supports us with English > Tagalog translations for brochures, posters and other materials. Angel is always available, willing to support and also provides accurate translations."

Project Manager at a Language Service Provider in Virginia

"I have worked with Angel as a colleague, as well as a client. She is detail oriented, professional, fast and friendly. Angel asks questions to clarify things ahead of time and avoid potential issues and provides great feedback where needed. She's all around great to work with.

Account Manager, Language Service Provider in San Diego

"Everyone on our team loves working with Angel. She is extremely responsive, reliable and dedicated to quality. She goes the extra mile to ensure that our translations are appropriate for the target market and her attention to detail is very much appreciated."

Supervisor of a Language Service Provider in Washington

First and foremost, Angel is an absolute pleasure to work with. She's everything you look for in a professional translator: great communication skills, accurate, and delivers the request on time or earlier."

President of a Language Service Provider in Chicago

It's a real pleasure working with Angel. She's very helpful with both phone interpreting and written translations for our Tagalog <> English projects. Her quality is top notch and she delivers on time. Thank you for always being there when we need you!"

Head of Operations of a Language Service Provider in Texas



     Angel's passion for languages can be traced as far back to her freshman year in high school when she first took up a course on English grammar. It was at this early age of 14 that she became fascinated with how the English language - whose grammatical rules were developed in countries of low-context cultures such as the US and UK - could thrive in a country of high-context culture such as the Philippines, and imagined its grammar to be a map to the intricate labyrinth of this beautiful language.


     When she entered the University of the Philippines, she initially thought of pursuing a degree in English. Instead, she discovered college to be her best opportunity to study other languages and once again be immersed in the new sets of grammatical rules. She majored in French, and took up Spanish and Latin. Before finishing her degree, she also studied Japanese.

     Angel began her career as a Tagalog translator shortly after her graduation from the university and her relocation to Japan in 2004. Her passion for social issues first led her to the path of providing services to non-profit organizations as a translator and interpreter using the languages, Japanese and Tagalog. She translated health books, and other city hall documents that were intended for the Filipino residents in Japan. When she worked at a domestic violence (DV) center, she served as a translator and interpreter for the DV survivors in courts, hospitals, schools, and government offices.

     When she came to the United States in 2014, she decided that it was time to reach out to a wider Filipino audience.  At present, while she continues to collaborate with non-profit and governmental agencies in Japan, she also provides translation services to language service providers that are located in Europe and Canada using the languages, French and Tagalog; and across the United States, she further offers her expertise in the fields of health care, government, education, e-learning and market research. Immersing in the languages of social sciences and health care,  she also fulfilled her other calling and in 2018, finished her master's degree in Social Work at Boston University.


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